ZoneOneRadio – #ZoneOneDigest – Live From a Hole in the Ground @z1radio

Stuart Hardy presents #ZoneOneDigest – ZoneOneRadio’s weekly “Best of..” show.

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Stuart Hardy Presents the best of the week on Zone one Radio, as long as you don’t feed him after midnight…

The best of the week on Zone One Radio is this week broadcast from a hole in the middle of nowhere because our host Stuart Hardy said something rude about Station founder Matthew Layton. To make up for it and to dissuade his armed guards from doing something scary, this week he plays:

#LondonGP travel back in time and visit The Classic Car Club in Hoxton

#LaNuevaArmada es la Spanish show that I don’t understand a single word of broadcast for the large Spanish community living in Central London

#Generation3 with Empress Susan Vickers and Duke of James Levett bring the new Urban Music

and #LondonGigGuide with Tom Du Croz bring you the best of tiny little indie bands no bigger than your thumb and

ZoneOneRadio – #ZoneOneDigest – Gin and Driving: It Doesn’t Mix @z1radio

Stuart Hardy presents #ZoneOneDigest – ZoneOneRadio’s weekly “Best of..” show.

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ZoneOneRadio – #ZoneOneDigest – Gin and Driving: It doesn’t Mix by Stuarthardy on Mixcloud

Please be advised – a combination of our first two features on the best of ZoneOneRadio this week: Gin and cars, can lead to death and legal penalties. So stay safe and listen to us instead of doing something stupid.

On Zone one Digest – a furry faced emotionally stunted man presents the best of the week – we’ve got:

#InGoodTaste with Tom Du Croz and Vicky Ferran go to Ian Hart’s distillery where they make the award winning Sacred Gin

#LondonGP with Matthew Layton as he goes to an Aston Martin factory – and he gets too excited and is made to sit on the naughty step until he calms down and starts behaving

#Generation3 presents the best new Urban sounds with Empress Susan Vickers and radio youngster James Levett

And #IntoTheMix talk about what remixing’s all about with number 1 Australian artist Flume and

ZoneOneRadio – #ZoneOneDigest – That’s All Faulks! @z1radio


This is ZoneOneDigest, the best of the week on ZoneOneRadio, the mayor of london funded community radio station for Central London. Its presented by a snarky hobgoblin called Stuart Hardy, who this week was submerged in formal complaints and ofcom forms throughout the show. While he deals with them, you get to listen to:
#LondonLife bring a special interview with Sebastian Faulks about Cityread London

#LondonGP chat about sponsorship in Motorsport with Samuel Cork from Gulf Oil

#WorldwideRoutes host David Bailey continues to prove how much better he is than the rest of us at hosting radio shows

And #InGoodTaste talk to Two Hungry Girls, auteurs of innovative Chinese supper clubs around London

Enjoy! and

Zone One Radio: #ZoneOneDigest: The Steamiest Show on Earth

Stuart Hardy presents #ZoneOneDigest – the best of ZoneOneRadio – the Mayor of London-funded community radio station for Central London.

#InGoodTaste – our food show – cooked something called Kuntfisch… yes its actually called that

An introduction to #LondonGigGuide with up and coming small bands around London, this week: The Broxton Hundred

#IntoTheMix chat to remixer Deceptikon

ZoneOneRadio transatlantic interns Candace and Erin comes #UsInTheUK – a show about American Ex-pats living in the UK. Candance talks to Julie Falconer, a London based consultant and award-winning travel writer originally from San Francisco. and


ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: The Bojo Show

I got to speed up John Humphries and Boris Johnson to make them sound like chipmunks – Life goal achieved! And yes – I did edit these people – SEE!! I have clout!

Zone One Digest, the best bits of Zone One Radio, is back for more! With an interview with Mayor of London and funder of Zone One Boris Johnson and his thoughts on the Today Programme, Bud Moeller drives championship winning Gilles Viellneuve’s Ferrari in the USGP, Who’s the Boss talk to Stephen Fear, who made a million starting in a phone box, In Good Taste talk to Whole Foods Market in Kensington and do some filthy Thanksgiving cooking.

Zone One Digest, the best of Zone One Radio is back with furry faced office troll @5tuarthardy

Featuring @MayorOfLondon Bojo himself on #CommunityProfile offering some interesting thoughts on #r4today with @MarvinNuro

#LondonGP features Bud Moeller stateside driving a championship winning Ferrari @CircuitAmericas

#WhosTheBoss talk to Phone Box millionaire Stephen Fear

and #InGoodTaste talk to Whole Foods in Kensington (@WFMKensington) and also some do some very sexy cooking.

Any suggestions, comments or death threats (death threats not welcome) can be sent to

Stuart’s stuff can be found here:

Zone One Radio: Zone One Digest: Coffee With the Mayor

Now you can take a little piece of Zone One Radio home with you! (Minus the music)This edition includes a Soho Hobo, Samba by the Thames, and Boris Johnson making us a coffee.

The full version (with the music) is here to listen to online, includes an interview with Texan remix duo Bronze Whale….nope, us neither.

ZoneOneRadio – #ZoneOneDigest – Coffee With the Mayor by Stuarthardy on MixcloudZoneOne Digest is back with more of the best from Central London’s community radio station!

#CommunityProfile are made a coffee in Starbucks by none other than Boris Johnson

#WorldwideRoutes send Marvin to the Thames Festival to talk about Samba

#IntoTheMix talk to a Texan remix duo named Bronze Whale

and #LondonArts chat with Tim Arnold, formerly of brit-pop act Jocasta, about Soho and his new album