ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: Clips from Other Shows One After Another

Hello ladies, gentlemen, concessions, anthropomorphic creatures and sentient robots. This is Zone One Digest, clips from other people’s show arranged
in order and hosted by a snarky yeti man. This week:

@LondonLifeRadio chat to London based band The Vanderbilts and they play music and stuff

@IntoTheMixRadio with @IoanHolland chat to @ThisIsTheFatRat who remixes music, you may remember him from that remix of Somebody that I used to know by @Gotye

#TechTalk is a new show featuring @ZoeFCunningham Britain’s Brightest Woman, chatting to @MarkRock founder of @AudioBoo

@_InGoodTaste star Lucy @FoodGoblin1 Boler had a chat with the nicest celebrity judge on TV; Michel Roux Jr from @BBCFoodanddrink and

Zone One Radio: London Arts: Marika Rauscher

Marika plays tracks from her time as a singing-telegram (with her clothes on!)

She chats about avoiding doing Celine Dion for weddings and confesses a taste for Chumbawumba!

Drawing on a career spent singing around the world, we learn what makes a great stage performer

and how the smoking ban has changed the opera world… and

ZoneOneRadio: London Arts – Roland Smith – La Ritournelle

Co-founder Roland Smith talks about setting up the company

He plays La Ritournelle, the musical theme for Pedal Pusher – their Time Out Critics’ Choice ‘Best of 2009’ production about the Tour De France

He discusses commissioning and choosing performers for their artist spaces

They talk about their widening involvement with designers, movement directors, film producers, composers and more in the former BBC London building

And find out about their next production Shelf Life, a collaboration with HalfCut, tackling the meaningless of life and taking place throughout 35 Marylebone High Street and

ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest Episode 2 – Boris, Green Goats and Vampires

The second best of show I’ve made for Zone One Radio, London’s Community Radio Station.

Cut down “home edition” available for download here:

Full online “radio edition” available here:

ZoneOneRadio – #ZoneOneDigest – Boris, Green Goats and Vampires by Stuarthardy on Mixcloud

This week’s show includes #CommunityProfile chatting to Boris Johnson about the Olympics and also Motorsport broadcaster Martin Brundle.

#InTheZone talk tennis and Andy Murray
#WorldWideRoots’ David Bailey MBE brings music from India via Bosnia with The Medieval Pundits
#LondonArts reporter Zoe Cunningham talks to novelist Tracey Sinclair
and #InGoodTaste talk salt beef to tricycle based Fleet Street entrepreneur Ben Hodges
You can follow what Stuart does here:

ZoneOneRadio: London Arts – Tim Arnold

This is an interview with Tim Arnold, formerly of the band Jocasta talking about his solo stuff. I edited for Zoe Cunnigham of Zone One Radio’s London Arts show.

London Arts Episode 4 – Tim Arnold by Zoe Cunningham on Mixcloud

Time to rock! In episode 4 of the London Arts show, Zoe Cunningham hangs out in Soho with 90s pop hero Tim Arnold. Find out what insalubrious job launched his mother’s career, just how badly his first band Jocasta fell out, why gay culture came to Soho… oh and where the best music club in Soho is.

Produced by Stuart Hardy. and

ZoneOneRadio: Stuart Hardy’s ZoneOne Digest

Zone One Radio – Stuart Hardy – ZoneOne Digest 31/07/2012 – 19/08/2012

I’ve been contracted by the awesomeness that is Matthew Layton to make a regular clip show rounding up the best of regular shows on ZoneOneRadio – London’s Community Radio Station. Since this is all about getting listeners, I haven’t been able to go too mental on it….yet. Give it time.

Have a listen 🙂

ZoneOneRadio: Zoe Cunningham – Tracey Sinclair

Zone One Radio – London Arts – Zoe Cunningham – Tracey Sinclair

Zoe Cunningham went and spoke to self published novelist Tracey Sinclair, author of “Dark Dates” which is sort of a twilight piss take. I made it sound pretty (well, prettier than it sounded beforehand)

Have a listen