ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: Fishing For Compliments

#ZoneOneDigest is back! This is the show with lower morals than your average shoplifter where we steal bits of other shows to present to you.

This week:

#InGoodTaste got on the show again, with a special end of @MovemberUK cookbook with @FoodGoblin1

#LondonGP talk to new F1 driver @ValtteriBotta, and I give Matthew Layton’s shoes a tongue bath

@INTOTHEMIXRadio talk to Australian remixers Fishing and are envious of their nation’s climate,

And #CommunityProfile talk to @DavidAkinsanya about volunteering

All this and more! …well, there might be more, you never know

Zone One Radio: Zone One Digest: Lewis Hamilton and the Blitz

Zone One Digest – Lewis Hamilton and the Blitz

Now you can take a little piece of Zone One Radio home with you! (Minus the music)

This edition includes an interview with Autosport editor in chief Andrew Van de Burgt, a restaurant hopping festival in Marylebone, talking about the blitz at a community centre and the makers of a film about football and national boundaries.

The full version (with the music) is still available for streaming on Mixcloud.

ZoneOne Digest is back with more of the best from Central London’s community radio station!

#LondonGP talk to Autosport Editor in Chief Andrew Van De Burgt about Lewis Hamilton

#InGoodTaste take part in London’s Restaurant Festival in which you’re only allowed one course per restaurant

#CommunityProfile head to the Abbey Centre to talk to local volunteers (we think you’ll especially like Doreen)

and #InTheZone interview the makers of new documentary film “Over the Wall” which covers a British University football team becoming the first ever British sports side to compete in Palestine. and

You can follow what Stuart does here: