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Musics were:
The Land of Chocolate – Alf Clausen
My Wall – Sunn O))) (best band ever)
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shiny ding – soundfxnow.com
telephone – freesound – acclivity


A Bunch of Trailers: Illustrated Review of Fifty Shades Darker, He Who Moans & General Channel Trailer

Hey internet! Why not waste some time watching some stupid short clips of recycled material accompanied by music! Yay! It was worth me putting these together!

To start with: The trailer for an Illustrated Review of Fifty Shades Darker

Reviewing the most vapid pop culture phenomenon in recent history Fifty Shades of Grey was one of the most trying experiences of my life as an online reviewer. So naturally the sequel was a temptation I was too weak to resist….and BOY is it a talking point!!! Never thought porn would have this much plot…especially never thought a sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey would have any plot at all let alone too much…yes I know but I couldn’t resist this one.

Music cues from the shining (warner bros)
Master and Servant by Depeche Mode (Mute Records)

Next up. He Who Moans. This was the only one of my video strands without a trailer, so here it is. If you wanna share me with your friends (I’m just gonna put my rose tinted spectacles on) here’s an introduction to these cynical pieces of bile.


And finally a stupid, grandiose big dumb general video channel trailer:

Music is In the Hall of the Mountain King – no copyright infringement intended….well duh, its one of the most famous bits of classical music ever written. No profit is being made from this video

Some more short clips from Stubagful

Hey internet! Anyone wanna see new videos from stubagful? Well here’s barely a minute and a half of recycled material!



……………….yeah…..more videos coming soon, promise 🙂


Fifty Shades of Grey Product Placement: The Board Game

They made this….I haven’t bought it but to be honest, do you need to?

Fifty Shades of Grey was written (if you can call it that) by E.L James and is published by Random House
NOT MINE: Let’s get it on by Marvin Gaye (Tamla records)

Originally from “An Illustrated Review of Fifty Shades of Grey” – a comprehensive chapter by chapter review of the book found here:


The Fifty Shades of Grey Video Game EXCLUSIVE Gameplay Footage

Coming soon to a console near you! A nonexistent RPG based on the best selling pile of pretentious whiny drivel!

Music from Pokemon owned by Nintendo.



Yes of course this is a joke

The Fox and the Hound is owned by Disney and has been ruined here for the purposes of satire/parody

Originally from An Out of Context Review of The Fox and the Hound


Boring Update Video: March 2014

Hey there internet! Wanna waste fifteen minutes of your life listening to me blather on about what videos I’m working on at the moment!?!? Well now you can!

So yeah, previously: I made a vague promise I would start uploading videos by at the very least March. Well here’s me holding to that, here’s one explaining what’s coming in this space very soon for any of my subscribers or other people who give a shit.

I’m going to be taking a short(ish) break….starting now

I’m going to be taking a break from releasing regular videos and radio and podcasts while I get my head together and plan out what I’m going to do in 2014. This year was incredibly productive for me. I made sixty something videos, fifty something podcasts, don’t know how many written blogs and fifty thousand words of a novel….yeah that’s quite a lot for someone with a full time job on top of it, I’ve also moved house this year as well and trying to keep on top of the hunt for paid writing work. I’ve barely had time to do anything else this year…or go outside that much. Long story short, I need to sort out the life that’s happening around my creative shit before I can focus on it again really, its only necessary.

That and myself and Rick have plans for WTF Just Happened. Big plans. So please, if you’ve ever shown any interest in what I do, please share the WTF Just Happened soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wtf-just-happened

Also our podcast feed: http://wtfjusthappened.jellycast.com/podcast/feed/2

There’s also some stuff I might as well make clear before we head into 2014 and I start on new projects


No more Out of Context. I will never be going under the pseudonym/character/thing the Herbalcrackpot again. Which sucks for me because it means I’ll have to redesign the website banner and I suck at graphic design so it’ll take ages.

The reason I’m not doing Herbalcrackpot related things anymore is that the character is a remnant of a time when I didn’t like myself a whole lot….I mean I still don’t but the point is the Herbalcrackpot is a result of a decision I took two years ago and a lot’s happened and I’ve changed a lot since then.

People have always had this perception of me as a creepy psychotic weirdo. Which is understandable as my social skills are lacking to say the least. So my idea was to exaggerate that perception of me by about 5000% and make it a character to hammer home this perception as ridiculous. However recently I’ve started to regret the entire thing as people’s perceptions of the writer and the character and the line between the two….well let’s just say I feel uncomfortable still playing into this perception when I’m really not that person who invented Herbalcrackpot any more. In the past year or so since I finished the first run of OOC, a lot’s happened and the Herbalcrackpot feels alien to me now. I feel that trying to use this perception of me to my advantage kind of failed in practice and continuing to use it when I feel that I’m really not the same person I was last year would be counter-productive.

I’d also call the Fifty Shades reviews instrumental in this decision. As ridiculous, misguided, grandiose and yes I’ll admit it: self indulgent that mammoth project was, it taught me a lot about self presentation and how you can’t remove yourself from your videos and they can play a massive role in how people perceive you. Granted the version of me seen in the Fifty Shades reviews is still exaggerated quite a lot (and I mean a lot) but going back to Out of Context in this second run just taught me a lot about how people used to see me and how people see me now. I just feel out of place in that context, so I’m going out of context of out of context if you will….that was a complicated sentence.

I’ll probably still use the unreliable reviewer shtick but dress it up differently as I still really like that idea but I just feel I’ve outgrown the way in which I presented it.


WTF Just Happened? – Hoping for more of this though we’re not sure how/when/etc of how we’re going to proceed with it. You basically know what its gonna be if you’ve ever listened before. Again, please share our feed if you’ve ever shown an interest in anything seen on this site.

Metroblog – why not? Its a good writing exercise more than anything really.

STUFF I’M THINKING ABOUT DOING (Nothing concrete, just maybe if I can be arsed)

An Illustrated Review of Fifty Shades Darker This was always inevitable, I’m not putting a time stamp on this though, probably will be this year but there’s no guarantee. And no it probably wouldn’t be as prohibitively long as the first series. Watching back An Illustrated Review of Fifty Shades of Grey, I understand that yes I went too overboard with it. And yes, since the book is so unbearably repetitive my critique ended up being quite repetitive. If I do end up making it then I’ll probably end up preparing it and uploading it around the middle of the year, closer to the movie release date. People are still saying Christian Grey’s character has layers, the perception that this pop culture phenomenon is more than porn with a fucked up world view does need hammering home some more really.

Stubagful’s Literary Review – I’ve had this idea floating around since the Fifty Shades thing. Original thought was 10 minute stickmen adaptation/review of those shitty erotica books you’ve seen in supermarkets since the Fifty Shades phenomenon (e.g. Eighty Days Yellow etc). But if I just take it as “Books I know I shouldn’t be reading” I think I’d have more ground to cover and jokes I could make. It’d basically be the same formula but shorter, snappier and punchier.

Standup – I started trying to do standup comedy between mid 2009 and sometime in January 2011 and stopped because I hated it. I mostly gave up, not because I wasn’t getting laughs (wasn’t getting many but I did get a few) – I have confidence issues and people say standup’s a good cure for that, and since I have a lot more material now I’m thinking about spending some time trying it again, as practice more than anything. Check my twitter @5tuarthardy for updates if I’ll be at open mic nights near you….yeah like anyone’s gonna do that Stuart. Anyway that’ll be my excuse for not uploading videos or podcasts or blogs for a bit.

This is Happening Now! – This is the least likely to happen unless I can get some help with it and figure out how it would actually work. Basically the idea is to take an hour’s worth of news broadcast from any channel that does news shows, and critique their news style and journalistic technique. Sort of like my Metro blogs. Each week we take a news source and deconstruct it and take the line of logic presented and apply it to other situations with ridiculous results. Again, least likely to happen this year but its an idea I’d like to explore at some point in the future.

He Who Moans – I only really started reviewing nu-Doctor Who on youtube because I was tired and frustrated that my fellow Doctor Who nerds would endlessly go off about how brilliant it is every week when even though I’m a massive fan of the show, we have to admit the quality wanders between shit and awesome far too much and so I attempted to approach reviewing it critically speaking as a nerd for storytelling technique rather than as a fanboy as a form of quality assurance. So when people look back at what people thought of Doctor Who it isn’t through the rose tinted spectacles of fandom. However I have got bored of that and there are far too many people reviewing new episodes of Doctor Who to make myself stand out. That and a lot of people seem to take offence to the contentious shit I say (paticularly about the 9th and 10th Doctors) for which I’m sorry, I don’t want to upset people, and yes I am being serious about that, its all just my open opinion of stuff. However some people appreciate my slanted take on Doctor who so I will probably make some more of these for those people (cheers guys 🙂 )

Stubagful’s NaNoWriMo “Future Highs” – I do want to actually finish my compulsary drugs concept novel. It got a bit out of hand in the last week of NaNoWriMo and I forgot to do an ending update because….well yeah it got a bit stupid but I think if I take my time with it then I can tidy it up a bit and finish it and shove it out as an epub for the hell of it.

Again, none of this shit is definitely going to happen and if it is, then it won’t be any time soon. Again, if you like what you see or hear….or touch or smell for people with freaky mind powers, then please tell your friends and share it. Also email wtfsatire@gmail.com if you like what you see and want to hire me to make you stuff.

Thanks for reading/watching/listening 🙂 Goodbye 2013.

And now here’s me saying all of that in a boring video. Yay!!!