METROBLOG: Inappropriate advert placements in newspapers: yay or nay?

PLEASE NOTE: The author does not wish to make light of recent events surrounding the death of April Jones and has the deepest sympathy for her parents.

Okay, you can sling the word “tasteless” at me all you want but if the Metro can fuck up and be sort of accidentally tasteless, I can use a news article advert placement fuckup to illustrate a point.


“Oh my God, how will I deal with this horrible tragedy?” “Weeeeell a Starbucks might help”

Seriously, its like ad placements in the metro are done by computer. It immediately just associates something with something else without actually taking context into account. “A depressing article about a tragedy………how about an advert showing people what they should buy to calm down”. I mean you wouldn’t go up to this woman at a funeral holding up a sign saying “DON’T BE SAD!! HAVE A STARBUCKS AND YOU’LL FEEL BETTER!” There is a time and a place to sell stuff, and better articles to put that advert right next to.

I mean yes these companies have to sell stuff but when you’ve got a story about something as horrible as this, it feels a bit insensitive to immediately try and sell you something riiiiiiiiiight the fuck next to it.

I mean it may provide a rather morbid chuckle at how a newspaper editor could be so fucking stupid not to realize that maybe the layout says something in an insensitive way and hell, however morbid, chuckles are a good thing to get from it. That’s what a morning newspaper should do I guess, a little light hearted wake me up but…yeah I don’t think people that have lost their children would really appreciate their story alongside an ad for Starbucks immediately going “BE HAPPY NOW!! BUY STARBUCKS!!.

If you still don’t get where I’m coming from here’s a couple of examples:



ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: Digest the Year on ZoneOneRadio: 2012

Zone One Digest – Digest the Year on ZoneOneRadio: 2012Or you could have a listen to the full version complete with musical interludes on

Greetings Internet! Well, we’ve gone through the thousands and thousands of awesome shows Zone One Radio’s made in the last year, some good, some downright weird, and some that we can’t even remember making. Now, here it is, cuts from the first full year of the Mayor of London funded community radio station for Central London.

I dug out the fruits of our very first production training session, along with:

#LondonGP interview with Motorsport legend Damon Hill

#WorldwideRoutes set out on musical exploration with David Bailey MBE

A compilation of some of the most questionably tasteful bits from  #InGoodTaste

And to round off, the one, the only Mayor of London and former Starbucks barista for the day: Boris Johnson

Along with some other odds and ends.

Happy New Year and look forward to loads more great content coming your way in 2013! and