Zone One Radio: Zone One Digest: Coffee With the Mayor

Now you can take a little piece of Zone One Radio home with you! (Minus the music)This edition includes a Soho Hobo, Samba by the Thames, and Boris Johnson making us a coffee.

The full version (with the music) is here to listen to online, includes an interview with Texan remix duo Bronze Whale….nope, us neither.

ZoneOneRadio – #ZoneOneDigest – Coffee With the Mayor by Stuarthardy on MixcloudZoneOne Digest is back with more of the best from Central London’s community radio station!

#CommunityProfile are made a coffee in Starbucks by none other than Boris Johnson

#WorldwideRoutes send Marvin to the Thames Festival to talk about Samba

#IntoTheMix talk to a Texan remix duo named Bronze Whale

and #LondonArts chat with Tim Arnold, formerly of brit-pop act Jocasta, about Soho and his new album


ZoneOneRadio: London Arts – Tim Arnold

This is an interview with Tim Arnold, formerly of the band Jocasta talking about his solo stuff. I edited for Zoe Cunnigham of Zone One Radio’s London Arts show.

London Arts Episode 4 – Tim Arnold by Zoe Cunningham on Mixcloud

Time to rock! In episode 4 of the London Arts show, Zoe Cunningham hangs out in Soho with 90s pop hero Tim Arnold. Find out what insalubrious job launched his mother’s career, just how badly his first band Jocasta fell out, why gay culture came to Soho… oh and where the best music club in Soho is.

Produced by Stuart Hardy. and