ZoneOneRadio: London Arts – Tim Arnold

This is an interview with Tim Arnold, formerly of the band Jocasta talking about his solo stuff. I edited for Zoe Cunnigham of Zone One Radio’s London Arts show.

London Arts Episode 4 – Tim Arnold by Zoe Cunningham on Mixcloud

Time to rock! In episode 4 of the London Arts show, Zoe Cunningham hangs out in Soho with 90s pop hero Tim Arnold. Find out what insalubrious job launched his mother’s career, just how badly his first band Jocasta fell out, why gay culture came to Soho… oh and where the best music club in Soho is.

Produced by Stuart Hardy. and


Hugh’s Album Reviews: Clockwork Angels – Rush

I’m going to try and not fan-wank this album…the keyword being try. Over the past year of so I have listened to two different types of music. The first type is everything else, the second type is Rush…All Rush all the Time.

I heard that Clockwork Angels was coming out about two years ago (when Rush first appeared on my radar of interest) and I had heard the songs Caravan, BU2B and had them both listening to them both nonstop along with 2112 and Moving Pictures and the rest of the Rush’s albums.

I have no idea why Rush means this much to me, they are just one of those bands that you either love or if you don’t you are not a person, and should go die is a fire, because you’re wrong and deserve to be sectioned. But I digress, the time came finally for me to go out and get this album, let me tell you my thought process at the time.


After listening to the album my brother asked me what I thought and I just replied with “meh”, which is rather disappointing considering I had already been disappointed this year by Van Halen’s new album (but that is for a different time).

Normally Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and the other one, cannot do any wrong but after a the first listen of the album I was greeted by two songs which sounded like they should have been on the bands last album Snakes and Arrows, because they seemed to be stuck in that state of mind. But after listening to both again I decided to retract that statement and begin anew.

Rush seem to have this thing that if they make a masterpiece they try to outdo themselves, and when they make a big poo they try and hide it underneath a live album or something equally as awesome. But when Rush do something bad I’m going to do what a true fan of Rush would do an overlook the flaws and try to find something nice to say about the album.

The lyrics and drums are still as fantastic as ever, proving that Neil Peart can still write some damn fine lyrics but everything else unfortunately seems a little bit lacking, which pains me to say seeing as I adore Geddy Lee’s voice and the other ones guitar playing on the other albums, but this album doesn’t really make up for two years of waiting.

Cover art’s nice though…if you’re into that. Has anyone else noticed that the clock is pointing to 9:12 on the clock…which means 21:12 at any other time…I think it’s a call back.

I’m going to give this the album the benefit of the doubt and give it an 8/10. It could have been so much better but it is still worth a listen. Next week we will look at the other greatly anticipated album of the year (potentially) L’Enfant Sauvage by French Death Metal band Gojira.