Zone One Radio: Zone One Digest: A Motivational Opera

Now you can take a little piece of Zone One Radio home with you! (Minus the music)
This edition includes roast dinner, Opera, Business, Motorsport, and lots of other delicious things.
The full version (with music) is still available for streaming on Mixcloud

ZoneOne Digest is back with more of the best from Central London’s community radio station!

#InGoodTaste visit a Church and cook up a Roast with several differences.

#Who’sTheBoss – Zone One Radio’s new motivational business related show introduce themselves and interview Chloe Titcomb ofthe British Library’s Business and IP centre

#LondonArts talk to cabaret turned opera singer Marika Rauscher about the possibility of Opera music crossing over into other genres and developing mainstream appeal.

and #LondonGP talk to Captain Tony Harris about his competing in the Dakar – the most gruelling motor race in the world – as part of @race2recovery – following the difficult decision to have one of his legs amputated below the knee. and

You can follow what Stuart does here:



Zone One Radio: London Arts: Marika Rauscher

Marika plays tracks from her time as a singing-telegram (with her clothes on!)

She chats about avoiding doing Celine Dion for weddings and confesses a taste for Chumbawumba!

Drawing on a career spent singing around the world, we learn what makes a great stage performer

and how the smoking ban has changed the opera world… and