METROBLOG: Why interviewing moviestars is ultimately pointless: Rob Lowe is playing Kennedy in a movie

This entry is going to focus on something media related which the Metro are guilty of, but it isn’t necessarily their fault which is breaking new ground for this blog.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Metro’s general structure, every day they get any celebrity, seemingly at random on their “Metro 60 seconds” page – an interview (supposedly conducted in 60 seconds but seriously try reading this aloud and see how long it would actually take to say such a mammoth amount of stuff) which like most interviews, offers absolutely nothing you didn’t already know or anything the celebrity’s PR department wouldn’t say. I know that I bash the Metro and other papers for publishing random paparazzi snaps of celebrities and we’re supposed to go “ooh” and gaze at them because they were in a thing we’re familiar with but there is one thing less interesting than just looking at big name celebrities in pictures: asking big name celebrities to open their mouths and form sentences:scan0001
I felt it was the right time to have a go at this section of the Metro because this one with Rob Lowe is possibly the most useless and uninteresting example a Metro 60 seconds interview. Specifically here because Rob Lowe is the most uninteresting sort of actor imaginable. You’ve probably seen him in a movie or two but he’s never the sole reason you’ve seen that movie and you’ve almost always forgotten his character’s name by the end of it. I doubt anyone’s gone “oh wow! Rob Lowe’s in a movie, I must go see that movie….oh its a biopic of the guy who invented concrete aw….but still Rob Lowe’s in it, I’ll go see it anyway!”

Movie stars are especially boring to read interviews with because they are not the main proponents of the creative work. They’re essentially arms of the movie’s marketing apparatus, they’ve been told to give a yay on whatever so they’ll give the interviewer their yay and the interviewers are just as culpable in this. They always have a few to make it seem like a personal chat thing but primarily ask generic questions related to the movie as a whole and stars always reiterate what they have been told to say about the movie in a way that’s completely neutral: not too encouraging to make you realise they’ve been told to say this stuff but not too negative to put you off. I’m not blaming Rob Lowe specifically here but this rather impersonal reiteration of “yes I am in a thing that is either coming out soon or has come out, it is *INSERT PRESS RELEASE DESCRIPTION HERE*” is so fucking boring because there’s just nothing there to spark interest or intrigue, its safe and in line with the studio’s decision to put something together based on a thing:

Little home experiment: read that first answer back to yourself with no tone of voice. Just flat words that form a sentence: are you interested in what you just read? Has what you just read given you any insight into the film that caused the interview, Rob Lowe’s approach to playing the role of John F. Kennedy himself, anything at all? This interview’s probably one of the more blatant examples of “simple publicity for the movie” as opposed to “insight for consumers” you might as well swap the entire interview for this:

rob loweIf that’s all your interview amounts to, you haven’t done your job as an interviewer right. You’re not an interviewer, you are a marketer.

Subtext isn’t this interview section’s strong suit. I mean hell, we might as well swap this page for the blank format template they use for it every time they phone up random celebrities at 2 in the morning begging for a few words on a thing that’s trending on twitter:

In short, what can we actually learn from the movie star interview? That you should pay money for a movie and that’s about it.


ZoneOneRadio – #ZoneOneDigest – Clipshow With a Grudge – Presented by @5tuartHardy @z1radio

Stuart Hardy presents #ZoneOneDigest – ZoneOneRadio’s weekly “Best of..” show.

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Stuart Hardy Presents the best of the week on Zone one Radio, as long as you don’t feed him after midnight…

This week, the best of the week on Zone One Radio, was compiled from prison where regualr host Stuart Hardy awaits trial for kidnapping station founder Matthew Layton’s pet Chameleon. He plays:

#LondonLife host, the tweed jacketed Ian Hawkins watches all the Harry Potter films for the first time at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square.

#LondonGigGuide with Tom Du Croz bring you an interview with hipster indie band The Forestry Commission.

#Generation3 with Empress Susan Vickers and Lord James Levett bring you an interview with upcoming London artist D.Dark

and #LondonArts with Jenny Runacre take a tour of the V&A exhibition: David Bowie Is… and and

Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak

The Avalanches – A Cowboy Overflow of the Heart

The Forestry Commission – Wait

D.Dark – Wait

David Bowie – Let’s Dance

David Bowie – Space Oddity

ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: 2012 Redigested

Zone One Digest is back for another helping of the best of Central London’s Community Radio station hosted by resident snarky little hobgoblin @5tuarthardy. This week’s been mostly compilations of the best of the year’s shows, so think of this edition of Digest as a clipshow of some clipshows…I know its complicated but trust me, it makes sense.

#LondonGP look back at when @radio_matthew interviewed @MBrundleF1 and Nigel Maansell about bringing #F1 to the streets of the capital.

@Intothemixradio look back at their favourite remixer of the year

#DreamCorner’s @viv_oyolu talks to @lizrice the founder of @tanktoptv

And @_InGoodTaste @anjuldutt and @foodgoblin1 visit @valentina_deli and some of the best restaurants in Italy for a perfect Italian Christmas. and

ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: Digest the Year on ZoneOneRadio: 2012

Zone One Digest – Digest the Year on ZoneOneRadio: 2012Or you could have a listen to the full version complete with musical interludes on

Greetings Internet! Well, we’ve gone through the thousands and thousands of awesome shows Zone One Radio’s made in the last year, some good, some downright weird, and some that we can’t even remember making. Now, here it is, cuts from the first full year of the Mayor of London funded community radio station for Central London.

I dug out the fruits of our very first production training session, along with:

#LondonGP interview with Motorsport legend Damon Hill

#WorldwideRoutes set out on musical exploration with David Bailey MBE

A compilation of some of the most questionably tasteful bits from  #InGoodTaste

And to round off, the one, the only Mayor of London and former Starbucks barista for the day: Boris Johnson

Along with some other odds and ends.

Happy New Year and look forward to loads more great content coming your way in 2013! and

ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: A Very Vulgar Christmas


Merry Christmas and a Happy apocalypse to all who survived it. Assuming you can still read this, its Christmas tomorrow and you know what that means! More clips from people better at making radio shows than me!

As a special Christmas treat we have #LondonArts @Jenny_Runacre talking to author Sophie Parkin about her new book. Warning: Contains strong language and people being sick everywhere.

#InGoodTaste try and change your mind about that often misunderstood food: Offal and Lucy the @FoodGoblin1 talks to @Cattlegrid

#InTheZone introduce the world to a bizarre new sport: Chess Boxing

And #LondonGP talk to @radiolemans @raceofchampions in Thailand.

Merry Easter Christmas to all and a Happy Valentines Day New Year! and


ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: Raging Bulls and Christmas Baubles

Zone One Digest is back with our very own Halloween Pre-Christmas special! Get excited, here’s some more of Zone One Radio’s astoundingly good content.

We look forward to that much anticipated day with:

#LondonLife taking a strange turn as tweed jacketed Ian Hawkins commentates on a boxing match.

#CommunityProfile visit the new Westminister volunteer centre and beats MP Karen Buck at Rock paper scissors.

#LondonArts Jenny Runacre, of mental Derek Jarman movies fame interviews writer and director of Shakespeare send up play The Shakespeare Conspiracy.

and #LondonGP report live from the red carpet at the Autosport awards ceremony and try to get people to talk to them…sorta and

ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: The Bojo Show

I got to speed up John Humphries and Boris Johnson to make them sound like chipmunks – Life goal achieved! And yes – I did edit these people – SEE!! I have clout!

Zone One Digest, the best bits of Zone One Radio, is back for more! With an interview with Mayor of London and funder of Zone One Boris Johnson and his thoughts on the Today Programme, Bud Moeller drives championship winning Gilles Viellneuve’s Ferrari in the USGP, Who’s the Boss talk to Stephen Fear, who made a million starting in a phone box, In Good Taste talk to Whole Foods Market in Kensington and do some filthy Thanksgiving cooking.

Zone One Digest, the best of Zone One Radio is back with furry faced office troll @5tuarthardy

Featuring @MayorOfLondon Bojo himself on #CommunityProfile offering some interesting thoughts on #r4today with @MarvinNuro

#LondonGP features Bud Moeller stateside driving a championship winning Ferrari @CircuitAmericas

#WhosTheBoss talk to Phone Box millionaire Stephen Fear

and #InGoodTaste talk to Whole Foods in Kensington (@WFMKensington) and also some do some very sexy cooking.

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