ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: Clips from Other Shows One After Another

Hello ladies, gentlemen, concessions, anthropomorphic creatures and sentient robots. This is Zone One Digest, clips from other people’s show arranged
in order and hosted by a snarky yeti man. This week:

@LondonLifeRadio chat to London based band The Vanderbilts and they play music and stuff

@IntoTheMixRadio with @IoanHolland chat to @ThisIsTheFatRat who remixes music, you may remember him from that remix of Somebody that I used to know by @Gotye

#TechTalk is a new show featuring @ZoeFCunningham Britain’s Brightest Woman, chatting to @MarkRock founder of @AudioBoo

@_InGoodTaste star Lucy @FoodGoblin1 Boler had a chat with the nicest celebrity judge on TV; Michel Roux Jr from @BBCFoodanddrink and


ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: 2012 Redigested

Zone One Digest is back for another helping of the best of Central London’s Community Radio station hosted by resident snarky little hobgoblin @5tuarthardy. This week’s been mostly compilations of the best of the year’s shows, so think of this edition of Digest as a clipshow of some clipshows…I know its complicated but trust me, it makes sense.

#LondonGP look back at when @radio_matthew interviewed @MBrundleF1 and Nigel Maansell about bringing #F1 to the streets of the capital.

@Intothemixradio look back at their favourite remixer of the year

#DreamCorner’s @viv_oyolu talks to @lizrice the founder of @tanktoptv

And @_InGoodTaste @anjuldutt and @foodgoblin1 visit @valentina_deli and some of the best restaurants in Italy for a perfect Italian Christmas. and

ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: A Very Vulgar Christmas


Merry Christmas and a Happy apocalypse to all who survived it. Assuming you can still read this, its Christmas tomorrow and you know what that means! More clips from people better at making radio shows than me!

As a special Christmas treat we have #LondonArts @Jenny_Runacre talking to author Sophie Parkin about her new book. Warning: Contains strong language and people being sick everywhere.

#InGoodTaste try and change your mind about that often misunderstood food: Offal and Lucy the @FoodGoblin1 talks to @Cattlegrid

#InTheZone introduce the world to a bizarre new sport: Chess Boxing

And #LondonGP talk to @radiolemans @raceofchampions in Thailand.

Merry Easter Christmas to all and a Happy Valentines Day New Year! and


ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: Fishing For Compliments

#ZoneOneDigest is back! This is the show with lower morals than your average shoplifter where we steal bits of other shows to present to you.

This week:

#InGoodTaste got on the show again, with a special end of @MovemberUK cookbook with @FoodGoblin1

#LondonGP talk to new F1 driver @ValtteriBotta, and I give Matthew Layton’s shoes a tongue bath

@INTOTHEMIXRadio talk to Australian remixers Fishing and are envious of their nation’s climate,

And #CommunityProfile talk to @DavidAkinsanya about volunteering

All this and more! …well, there might be more, you never know