An Out of Context Review of Big Cook Little Cook

Dopeheads have been sat around giggling at kid’s shows for decades but there’s never been a show assumedly for children specifically designed for those lazy dopeheads watching it even though they’re not supposed to….someone really commissioned this.

Pink Room by Angelo Badalamenti (Warner Bros)
Footage from Big Cook Little Cook is owned by the BBC (Used for review)
Second hand footage of Bob the Builder onwed by the BBC
Song from “Zygon: When being you just isn’t enough” – BBV Productions
Footage from Duck Tales – Disney
We’re in the Money by the Gold Diggers


ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: The Bojo Show

I got to speed up John Humphries and Boris Johnson to make them sound like chipmunks – Life goal achieved! And yes – I did edit these people – SEE!! I have clout!

Zone One Digest, the best bits of Zone One Radio, is back for more! With an interview with Mayor of London and funder of Zone One Boris Johnson and his thoughts on the Today Programme, Bud Moeller drives championship winning Gilles Viellneuve’s Ferrari in the USGP, Who’s the Boss talk to Stephen Fear, who made a million starting in a phone box, In Good Taste talk to Whole Foods Market in Kensington and do some filthy Thanksgiving cooking.

Zone One Digest, the best of Zone One Radio is back with furry faced office troll @5tuarthardy

Featuring @MayorOfLondon Bojo himself on #CommunityProfile offering some interesting thoughts on #r4today with @MarvinNuro

#LondonGP features Bud Moeller stateside driving a championship winning Ferrari @CircuitAmericas

#WhosTheBoss talk to Phone Box millionaire Stephen Fear

and #InGoodTaste talk to Whole Foods in Kensington (@WFMKensington) and also some do some very sexy cooking.

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