Zone One Radio: Zone One Digest: Coffee With the Mayor

Now you can take a little piece of Zone One Radio home with you! (Minus the music)This edition includes a Soho Hobo, Samba by the Thames, and Boris Johnson making us a coffee.

The full version (with the music) is here to listen to online, includes an interview with Texan remix duo Bronze Whale….nope, us neither.

ZoneOneRadio – #ZoneOneDigest – Coffee With the Mayor by Stuarthardy on MixcloudZoneOne Digest is back with more of the best from Central London’s community radio station!

#CommunityProfile are made a coffee in Starbucks by none other than Boris Johnson

#WorldwideRoutes send Marvin to the Thames Festival to talk about Samba

#IntoTheMix talk to a Texan remix duo named Bronze Whale

and #LondonArts chat with Tim Arnold, formerly of brit-pop act Jocasta, about Soho and his new album


ZoneOneRadio: Stuart Hardy’s ZoneOne Digest

Zone One Radio – Stuart Hardy – ZoneOne Digest 31/07/2012 – 19/08/2012

I’ve been contracted by the awesomeness that is Matthew Layton to make a regular clip show rounding up the best of regular shows on ZoneOneRadio – London’s Community Radio Station. Since this is all about getting listeners, I haven’t been able to go too mental on it….yet. Give it time.

Have a listen 🙂