He Who Moans: Doctor Who Review: The Radically Different Season 8

So, the scripts for the first five episodes of Doctor Who Season 8 have been leaked online. So I decided to read episode one and talk about how much darker and different Moffat’s made the show this season.


Please don’t post real spoilers in the comments, I don’t want to know and seriously don’t know why you’d want to go have a look anyway.

The haunting piece of music was the Gygas theme from Earthbound


#METROBLOG: Guess what? These people are richer than you!

This seems to be a regular thing in the Metro for some reason; they reprint this list once every couple of months. I honestly can’t fathom why and its rather annoying for a multitude of reasons, so if anyone knows one of the Metro’s editors; can you please send him/her a link to this blog accompanied by the words: “TARGET AUDIENCE”?


…thanks Metro. I wanted to know that. The information that I absorbed in this article was so enlightening. I can use this information in my everyday life, reminding me how utterly poor and worthless I am while screaming: “Rich cunts! they get everything!!!”

….who is interested in this Metro? Which commuters who spend about 15% of the wages on travel in and out of london, to and from work everyday want to read about how one of the lesser known members of One Direction earns five times more in the space twenty minutes than they will in their entire lifetime? Even if you are rich, I’m sure a certain cross section of regular commuters are rich, even if they read: “Hey guess what? These are the top earning celebs,” I guarantee won’t give two flying shits because what’s the purpose of informing them of that? Who needs to know this? Who cares? Who are you catering for?

Of course someone’s likely to tell me its aspirational media here; its meant to make you wanna change your life to be rich and successful…problem is its not saying how to or what that aspiration to be rich and successful will actually achieve. Its just saying who is rich. They print these lists every three months or so and its just: “THESE CELEBS THAT EITHER SING OR APPEAR ON TV EARN LOTS” you can’t really interpret a lot from that except apparently Adele earns lots when she does nothing at all. Wow, my life feels so enriching knowing I earn 0.0028% of that doing lots of things (0.0017% after tax & travel) and she earns billions by doing nothing. Like, who wants that thrown at you on your commute? I know a newspaper is meant to be “STUFF YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN, WE’RE TAKING OUR CHANCES,” spread over about 40 pages, generally speaking you don’t what you’re gonna get, but the problem I’m highlighting here is this is completely useless information that also slaps about 90% of its readership in the face if they happen to be in the position of reading the metro. Who wants to read this and why? I’m sure you at least want to have some impact on your readers’ lives Metro, otherwise why are you even bothering putting out a paper at all? You could try putting some effort into finding out what commuters could and couldn’t give a toss about.

I swear they’re a few steps away from putting out a list like this one:

Please stop doing this shit Metro, its not what you’re for. The fact some celebrities earn lots is not news or of any interest to your target audience.

An Illustrated Review of Fifty Shades Darker Prologue: The Nightmare Returns


Watch me burrow into this new hole with a poorly directed prologue to my new stickmen animated sequel review series/torture porn parody/adaptation/thing……

…..yes I do have dumb ideas sometimes, but at least its something to do.

Gygas Theme from Earthbound (Nintendo) by Keniichi Suzuki & Hirokasu Tanaka (sorry if I spelt the names wrong)
Spawn (HOB) theme by Shirley Williams
Music from The Whining (Warner Bros.)
Barbie Girl by Aqua (Universal/MCA)

Some more short clips from Stubagful

Hey internet! Anyone wanna see new videos from stubagful? Well here’s barely a minute and a half of recycled material!



……………….yeah…..more videos coming soon, promise 🙂


Fifty Shades of Grey Product Placement: The Board Game

They made this….I haven’t bought it but to be honest, do you need to?

Fifty Shades of Grey was written (if you can call it that) by E.L James and is published by Random House
NOT MINE: Let’s get it on by Marvin Gaye (Tamla records)

Originally from “An Illustrated Review of Fifty Shades of Grey” – a comprehensive chapter by chapter review of the book found here:


The Fifty Shades of Grey Video Game EXCLUSIVE Gameplay Footage

Coming soon to a console near you! A nonexistent RPG based on the best selling pile of pretentious whiny drivel!

Music from Pokemon owned by Nintendo.



Yes of course this is a joke

The Fox and the Hound is owned by Disney and has been ruined here for the purposes of satire/parody

Originally from An Out of Context Review of The Fox and the Hound


#WTFIsXmas? – #Christmas Cash Cows #comedy #jokes #sketches – @z1radio

WARNING: Contains some Strong Language and the occasional funny moment

No longer a time for goodwill to all men, Christmas means CASH these days, so we’re looking at how companies using Christmas themes to drag every last penny out of your miserly pockets. We’ve got the brand new John Lewis Christmas advert and the latest board game: Christmas Family Row.

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This Week We Watched: Black Nativity! No, it’s not one of Stuart’s sketches…it’s actually REAL! Billed as “A Feelgood Christmas Gospel Musical” we headed to see what the film had to offer to get us into the Christmas spirit…it’s fair to say we were somewhat out of place (and unwanted) in the cinema.

This Week We Read: Christmas Gift Books – you know the sort, the ones that you get for people you really don’t know, or care about. We looked Fifty Sheds Of Grey and had a go at getting Stuart into Extreme Sports.

Christmas Bullsheet Headlines include:


PLUS: We try out this year’s brand new must-have board game: Christmas Family Row, from Backstabbing Games.



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#WTFIsXmas? – Will SOMEBODY think of the children? #comedy #satire #sketches #xmas – @z1radio

WARNING: Contains some Strong Language and the occasional funny moment

Whilst everyone’s worrying about who to pull at their Work Christmas Party, Stuart and Rick step-up to think about THE CHILDREN this Christmas. Yes, your Christmas Grinches are stepping up and keeping the little blighters entertained and enlightened this Christmas, so you don’t have to bother. We’re like Santa’s Elves or something.

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This Week We Watched: Channel 5′s wondrous collection of Christmas TV Movies. From ‘A Carol Christmas’ to ‘Matchmaker Santa’…if your children just aren’t excited about Christmas enough, then the fifth channel have exactly what you need!

This Week We Read: The Top 2014 Annuals from Justin Bieber, Moshi Monsters and Wizards vs. Aliens. We set out thinking they weren’t for us but realised just how much we missed them!

Christmas Bullsheet Headlines include:

“Santa’s Getting In Running Gear”, “Mum Pat First Bish” and “Toxic Mice Unleashed On Snake Invaders”

PLUS: We have the exclusive Brand New Coca-Cola Seasonal Nostalgic Christmas Holidays Advert featuring Santa himself!



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#WTFIsXmas? – Bring Joy To The World and BUY STUFF – @z1radio

WARNING: Contains some Strong Language and the occasional funny moment

Stuart and Rick are trying to get into the Christmas spirit, but what does that mean when you look around us? And what the hell does “Xmas” mean in this modern age?

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This Week We Watched: The crop of ‘Insert Topic Here’ filler which fills our T.V. schedules. Including some random ‘Choir’ based advert-mentary on the BBC, the sickly remake of ‘Surprise Surprise’ and Channel 4′s ‘title first, concept later’ show Health Freaks.

This Week We Read: The Christmas Gift Guides from all your ‘favourite’ shops. Remember, they’re not adverts or even catalogues, they’re “Gift Guides” – awww, how nice of the corporations to take the thought out of buying presents!

Christmas Bullsheet Headlines include:

“Does My Goldfish Know Who I Am?”, “It’s A Premiaow Inn” and “Emails Expose Miliband’s Fury At Nightmare Balls”

PLUS: We have the exclusive trailer for the brand new Christmas film – Christmas Christmas: A Christmas Movie



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