Hugh’s Album Reviews: Testament – Dark Roots of the Earth

What’s this? …not Testament…Hugh you jammy fuck are you plugging a friend of your’s?

Yes, yes I am, but I wouldn’t call it plugging, I’d call it more of me ripping him a new arse hole for about 100 or so words.

It’s not the kind of stuff I have reviewed on here before for Stu’s Bagful but I’ll tell you something…(this is personally directed at Grey now) WHERE IS LAVENDER TOWN!

Grey is a ‘music producer’ who composes ‘ambient’ music. If you like to fall asleep listening to music…look elsewhere…That’s pretty much it. It’s £3 for the demo…and let’s just say you’re getting around 20 minutes of background music to listen to while you wait for me to actually write the review I’m supposed to…anyway on with the show

(Grey gets a 0/10 for being a dick) (Grey’s page…if you’re interested…which you shouldn’t be)

Dark Roots of Earth – Testament

Who said Thrash Metal is dead…Testament’s new album was much anticipated and many reviewers weren’t disappointed. But me being the evil bastard I am I have got to try and find something.

Listening to it, this is a very pretty album, everything is polished to a gleam and you could eat a nice hot curry off of the sounds coming from your computer, vinyl player, cd player, cassette tape, grammar phones (whatever you kids use to listen to things now).

It’s almost hard to fault from a musical stand-point but I have to say (just like most Thrash Metal) it’s very samey but unlike the Cult album I reviewed the other week this album has clear endings to songs and every song has a different motif running through the piece…even if most of it is the standard Thrash Metal shit.

Some songs give me a giant Metal head stiffy (for example True American Hate and Native Blood). There isn’t much to say other than it’s Thrash Metal and is much better than many other albums that were released this year.


Testament get an 8/10 for Dark Roots of Earth

So now what’s next…


Now let’s see…

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