A sort of comprehensive overview of the shows I’ve either made or had some involvement or am affiliated with in some way or another that are found on this site, and my reasoning behind them.


He Who Moans (2012-Present): I am needlessly obsessive about Doctor Who and love ranting about it a bit too overpassionately, so I decided to add a video series to my Youtube channel where I’d just rattle off some cynical thoughts about various Doctor Who related topics, usually about five minutes long, with no redrafting done and with all the flubs and mike fuzz left in. Somehow they attracted a fairly large audience, so I’ve evolved the format a bit, they’re more in depth and feature extensive Microsoft paint illustrations.

An Illustrated Review of Fifty Shades (2012-Present): Back when Fifty Shades of Grey randomly became one of the highest selling books ever and literally everyone was talking about it, I decided to buy a copy and document my reactions to it chapter by chapter with childish stickmen drawings, sorta like a let’s play for books. I found it to be one of the most fucking horrendous bits of writing ever, but I did have fun making the videos. Its now a few years later and I’ve done the second book as well. I will probably do the third at some stage.

Stubagful’s Literary Review (2014-Present): An idea that obviously sprang from the style I adopted in my Fifty Shades series. Most of these are either reviews of the Amazon previews of books, complete books, or random ideas for books written by me.

Pointless Witterings (2015-Present): A show about massive franchises that everyone fucking knows where missing the point is the point.

Tv Dissection (2014-Present): Voiceover TV reviews in which we shove TV shows of varying quality and renown under the microscope, cut it apart and see if we can figure out if it works, how it works and why…..well I say that, primarily its me being a snarky bellend and taking the piss.

Out of Context Reviews (2012-2013): Needlessly obtuse character comedy joke movie reviews from Stu’s invented persona of “The Herbalcrackpot” – a scary drug addict bent on twisting conspiracy theories about children’s media.


Short stories on Stubagful (2015-Present): I’ve decided to start emptying my writing junk drawer onto the internet. Most of what I like to write is sci-fi comedy, speculative fiction and the occasional bit of horror. Also endlessly pretentious abstract shit occasionally.

METROBLOG: A blog not endorsed by the Metro (2012-2014): The Metro is a free tabloid available in most British railways stations. Its published by the same company that publishes the Daily Mail and is similar in quality to that worthless rag. Since its free and I read it everyday anyway because its there and contains stuff that happens that I can write about, I use the Metro as inspiration for blogs satirizing the way news is presented and the general tabloid style of reporting. These mostly come in the form of rants and parody news articles where the gist of what the Metro is saying is taken to the most ridiculous of logical extremes. Published most weeks on whichever day I can be the most bothered.

Written Reviews (2012-umm): Reviews, articles and stuff I couldn’t be bothered to upload in any other form.

VAULTS: The Blog of Doom (????-????): Re-edited and reuploaded old blogs I wrote during my teenage years (around 2006-2009) when I was just a lowly nerd ranting about random things in an overlong and over-explicit, offensive manner. I was a big-headed twat. Still am, but whatever, this includes some of those that I’m not totally embarrassed to have on display.

Stuart’s Children’s Stories (2009-2012): Started as a random blog entry about Madonna writing her second kid’s book as a sarcy “writing kid’s books is easy, anyone can do it” but with the twist that I don’t know what I’m doing and its inappropriate for young audiences. It sort of mutated into a writing exercise about subverting kid’s stories with educational messages undergone when I had some creative energy to exert and could be arsed to entertain people on facebook. Reuploaded here for your viewing pleasure or horrifying nightmares depending on which one you read and your pain threshold.

Hugh’s Album Reviews (2012): A friend of mine named Hugh rants about albums he’s heard recently, gigs he’s been to or lists stuff. Uploaded whenever he can be bothered.


Stuart’s Super Happy Magical Fun time of General Confusion and Wonderment (2010-2013): A multi-genre and multi-format show of general weird proportions. Part film and cultural reviews and rants, part comedy sketch, part musical, part mockumentary, basically its the radio series produced for student radio station Stormfm during my University days where I wanted to try anything on radio. Just a warning: its very scatological and abrasive

Zone One Digest (2012-2013): The first show I worked on as part of my volunteer work for Zone One Radio: the community radio station for Central London founded by the great apostle of the age of Twitter, Matthew Layton. I made and hosted a regular clip show called Zone One Digest for about a year until I got a comedy commission seen below.

WTF Just Happened? (2013): Taking the media from the week gone by and pissing on it. Sketches, satire and media commentary from Stuart Hardy and Rick Lee on Zone One Radio.
Found here: http://wtfjh.wordpress.com

Wil and Stu’s Rantcast (2009-2012): A random number of nerds (usually two or three) rant off the top of their heads for between 37 and 100 minutes whenever they can be bothered.


5 thoughts on “About the stuff I’ve done that’s on here

  1. What did you study at University? You’ve never confirmed this,but I assume It would be Science ,Because in your video of Fifty Shades Darker Chapter Five you Sarcastically ask Anna if Water is made from either Oxygen and Hydrogen or Oxygen Nitrogen, Even I couldn’t work that one out.

  2. I have no intention of Bringing any offence to Your University, But what king of University Makes a Education Program about Quote “Mickey Mouse Studies”?.

  3. lol, joke, but there probably is a university that does that. Allegedly there’s a university out there that offers a degree in the politics of Beyonce

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