#HolidaysAreComing | WTF Just Happened?


WTF Just Happened’s Christmas Shopping Guide

Confused about what to get your loved ones for Christmas? Don’t worry, so are we.

Download full editions of the podcast this was part of here.https://wtfjh.wordpress.com/ Its full of out of date satirical jokes now of course.

WTF Just Happened Discusses Product Placement

Inserting products into a fictional narrative will make people buy them apparently. In this video we show proof that it works a little bit too well.

Please note: that thing about relentless isn’t true as far as I know….please don’t sue

10 Weird real Headlines from newspapers | WTF Just Happened

Are journalists aliens? Discuss
These headlines are from a segment we used to do on a weekly basis called Bullsheet Headlines. We would basically collect all of the dumbest most nonsensical headlines we could find across the British tabloids over the week and then take the piss.
If anyone has any idea what “Peak Hell Dog Lives” was actually about, please tell me cause fucked if I know, this was three years ago and I can’t find any record of it anywhere

Stuart Invents a New Sport | WTF Just Happened?

WTF Just Happened? Was the satire/comedy show I did on community radio a few years ago with my friend Rick Lee. It primarilly consisted of features where Rick and I would force ourselves to watch or read pieces of media that were not aimed at us and try to see a point in them/take the piss, and also sketches relating to said topics.
I thought I’d share some short video adaptations of bits and pieces of it on my channel every once in a while.