Wil and Stu’s Rantcast: Son of the Mask

Still between seasons, its Stuart’s birthday and the time has once again come for Wil and Hugh to force him to watch dreadful movie. This year’s most interesting choice was the 2005 sequel to the cult classic Jim Careey movie, Son of the Mask. Chaos and insanity ensue.

Dead Skin Mask – Slayer


Wil and Stu’s RantCast: Random 90 minute block of variety ridden burst of audio

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In this special precursor to…any new shows we happen to do. Stuart shows up at Wil’s place in Chester randomly one evening and the two record a feature with Wil’s slightly drunk housemate James Bowen. Topics include the following:
Wil’s nostalgia trip into Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3
Scott Snyder’s run of Swamp Thing
Rayman Origins
Best Cartoons you’ve ever watched
Gnarliest porns you’ve ever watched
Most messed up films you’ve ever watched
Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace in 3D
The cancellation of Skins
And Wil reciting the lyrics to the song “Stupid Hoe” by Nicki Minaj.Wil and Stu’s RantCast: Random 90 minute block of variety ridden burst of audio

Wil & Stu’s Santacast 2: Rant Harder

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In the heavily delayed Christmas special, the unpublished novelist, occasional poet and critic Wil and multi-instumentalist and paper boy Hugh decide to sing some musical numbers. Unsuccessful stand-up comic and critic Stuart sits there in silence as he has absolutely no musical talent whatsoever and just flings some shitty comments at the fucked up things that Wil says.

Merry Christmas.

Apologies for the belated upload and shitty quality of recording. Both factors can be blamed on Wil and not me, Stuart, the good one who you should lick the shoes of for trying to clean up this recording as well as he could. The typing and clicking you can hear in the background is Wil. Fuck him. The computery noise in the background is the only cunting thing cunting audacity could do to clean up the audio quality which was shit. I’m buying a new microphone. Fuck existence.

The first bit was easy to clean up then there was a massive section that was unsalvagable and then it got a little better then it got shit again and the dog ate my homework and this is seriously the least professional podcast fucking ever.



Wil and Stu’s Rantcast: Wil, Stu and Hugh’s Random Bursts of Happiness Hour

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In what can only be described as a second for the show, Wil, Stu and Hugh come together in order to talk about nothing in particular because they are a lazy bunch of fucks. They also continue to make fun of their two Australian listeners Teague Shepherd and Henry Montgomery (we love you guys really)

Opening music:
Ain’t talkin bout love

Wil and Stu’s Rantcast: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: The movie


This week, Wil and Stuart stroke their beards and wonder “what does it all mean?” in a very methodical way, while Hugh sits and plays gameboy and moans about being bored like the bitchy immature child that he is. This week, its Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, starring every actor Stuart loves except for Christopher Walken, adapted from a book that Wil loves and features squid porn.

PLEASE NOTE: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy does not feature Squid Porn

The music from the trailer, whatever it was

Wil and Stu’s Rantcast: A Retrospective on Anthrax: A Serious Look at a Silly Band

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Wil and Stu go bizarrely serious this week as they discuss with a fiery passion, the life and career of one of their all time favourite bands that a lot of people seem to hate for some reason: Anthrax. From A Fistful of Metal through to Worship Music, if you don’t give a shit about this, what the hell are you doing listening?

Fight ’em Till you Can’t – Anthrax

Wil and Stu’s Rantcast: An alternate DVD commentary for Catwoman

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Its Stuart’s 21st Birthday, and to celebrate, Wil and Hugh suggest the trio watch the 2004 classic superhero movie: Catwoman, starring Halle Berry. Featuring pointless dull cliched buildup, nothing, nothing and absolutey no characterisation. The only way you can survive this movie, is if you listen to our commentary, I assure you it is much more entertaining.

Intro: Scandelous by Mis-teeq
Outro Ruiner by Nine inch nails