The Little Book of Love | Stubagful’s Literary Review

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I decided to buy a vague purposeless little book about love to see if it contained any useful information….I didn’t expect to find any and I’m still disappointed.

The Hairy Man’s Guide to Cynicism by S A Hardy [EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW]

Hey kids! Ever wanted to be just like me? Well now you can!!

The Hairy Man’s Guide to Cynicism is a new book by me on how to be a cynical twat. Available soon from all “good” bookshops”

Summer Samba by Walter Wanderly
By the Pool by Jingle Punks
Rhythm Changes by John Deely & the 21 players
Deck the Halls by Jingle Punks
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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne: First Impressions – Stubagful’s Literary Review

The Secret is a book that claims that if you buy it and do what it says, it will grant all of your wishes….apparantly life really is that simple.

Literally contains the sentence: “The time to embrace your magnificence is now”