Jay Exci Livestream – Would You Rather…? w/ Stubagful, Cynical CJ and Supersonic1014

I showed up on Jay Exci’s livestream – we answered would you rather questions and I got drunk. Then the stream crashed and we recorded the second half offair

Why do Doctor Who Fans Always Hate the Showrunner? (featuring Stubagful)

A collab video in which myself and Nathaniel from Council of Geeks decided to have a chat about why Doctor Who fans always seem to hate the showrunner.

Stubagful’s TV Dissection: Brexit II (The last 7 months)

Brexit is the hideously convoluted British sitcom broadcast all day every day across every channel. Here is a summary of what I think has been happening on it for the last seven months (I don’t know, who the fuck can even follow this shit anymore?)