I was in some 5WF videos recently. Here they are.

Most of you probably know I’ve shown up in some FiveWhoFans videos lately, but they weren’t on my wordpress yet, so I thought I’d put them all together in one big post.

The first was when I placed in their competition to create a fanfilm of the upcoming BBC Doctor Who spinoff “Class” a tricky thing to pull off seeing as no one knows anything about it yet. My entry was a fucking weird and disturbing cartoon about a supercomputer made of living flesh.

Next I appeared in the second in a two part video series featuring the lovely Christel Dee from the Doctor Who Fan show and Billy Treacy; co-creator of the best thing to come out of Doctor Who fandom according to me “It’s Never Omega”.
Part 1:
Part 2 (feat. me!! :p):

And recently I showed up in Richard B Brookes’ last two (sadface) ever 5wf videos which contain ultimate proof that nothing is unsalvageable: a cover version of the infamous failure of a charity single from when Doctor Who was on the verge of cancellation in the 80’s “Doctor in Distress” except this version: is actually really good….I know, I was shocked too.


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