He Who Moans Guide to 8th Doctor Audios: Part 11: Dark Eyes 1 and 2

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Stubagful’s TV Dissection: Barney & Friends

Four years ago, I made some stupid video about Barney the Dinosaur. It got a load of views for some reason and I still don’t know why.

I was in some 5WF videos recently. Here they are.

Most of you probably know I’ve shown up in some FiveWhoFans videos lately, but they weren’t on my wordpress yet, so I thought I’d put them all together in one big post.

The first was when I placed in their competition to create a fanfilm of the upcoming BBC Doctor Who spinoff “Class” a tricky thing to pull off seeing as no one knows anything about it yet. My entry was a fucking weird and disturbing cartoon about a supercomputer made of living flesh.

Next I appeared in the second in a two part video series featuring the lovely Christel Dee from the Doctor Who Fan show and Billy Treacy; co-creator of the best thing to come out of Doctor Who fandom according to me “It’s Never Omega”.
Part 1:
Part 2 (feat. me!! :p):

And recently I showed up in Richard B Brookes’ last two (sadface) ever 5wf videos which contain ultimate proof that nothing is unsalvageable: a cover version of the infamous failure of a charity single from when Doctor Who was on the verge of cancellation in the 80’s “Doctor in Distress” except this version: is actually really good….I know, I was shocked too.

The Upcoming BBC/Netflix Watership Down Series – Some Concerns

So: the BBC and Netflix will be making a new version of my favourite movie and have said they will be “toning down the violence to make it more appropriate for children” …….okay I’ve tried to contain myself and talk calmly and like an adult here but fuck was it difficult.