He Who Moans Guide to 8th Doctor Audios: Part 10: Short Trips, Light at the End & Other Stuff

Wherein I kind of think one of Big Finish’s best selling releases is just quite good. Ooh, look at me & my controversy :p I do like it yeah, just less so than when I first heard it at the 50th (don’t shoot me :p)

Next HWM will be a piece on dr who clickbait, then we’re doin dark eyes 1 and 2 (in one video, 3 and 4 will be in the one after, and then yes doom coalition and diary of river song, last of which I haven’t heard yet. Billy from 5wf said its good though, so I’m optimistic)

Give Bigfinish all of your money here:


Pointless Witterings: Rogue One Colon A Star Wars Story TRAILER ANALYSIS

The trailer was released for that film about the flying things and the shooty bangbang stuff recently. Here are some thoughts on that trailer.



Stuart Invents a New Sport | WTF Just Happened?

WTF Just Happened? Was the satire/comedy show I did on community radio a few years ago with my friend Rick Lee. It primarilly consisted of features where Rick and I would force ourselves to watch or read pieces of media that were not aimed at us and try to see a point in them/take the piss, and also sketches relating to said topics.
I thought I’d share some short video adaptations of bits and pieces of it on my channel every once in a while.