He Who Moans Guide to 8th Doctor Audios: Part 10: Short Trips, Light at the End & Other Stuff

Wherein I kind of think one of Big Finish’s best selling releases is just quite good. Ooh, look at me & my controversy :p I do like it yeah, just less so than when I first heard it at the 50th (don’t shoot me :p)

Next HWM will be a piece on dr who clickbait, then we’re doin dark eyes 1 and 2 (in one video, 3 and 4 will be in the one after, and then yes doom coalition and diary of river song, last of which I haven’t heard yet. Billy from 5wf said its good though, so I’m optimistic)

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Stuart Invents a New Sport | WTF Just Happened?

WTF Just Happened? Was the satire/comedy show I did on community radio a few years ago with my friend Rick Lee. It primarilly consisted of features where Rick and I would force ourselves to watch or read pieces of media that were not aimed at us and try to see a point in them/take the piss, and also sketches relating to said topics.
I thought I’d share some short video adaptations of bits and pieces of it on my channel every once in a while.