He Who Moans Editorial: What makes a good spinoff? (Why people are so unenthusiastic about Class)

Hey everybody! Let’s make a spinoff about the most normal everyday thing in a sci-fi show! …people want that!



Citizen Kane Re-enacted with Sock Puppets

To celebrate reaching 2000 subscribers…well I did say this video would appear eventually…

Written by Orson Welles (who is spinning in his grave as you read this) & Stuart Hardy

I do no own Citizen Kane (obviously)

Orson Welles (via a clip, used for parody)
Stuart Hardy
Richard B Brookes
Jon Gransden
& Billy Treacy

Huge Huge thanks to Richard, Jon & Billy for helping me out on this one 😀 I really appreciate it

Music Used:
Original Citizen Kane Soundtrack by Bernard Hermann
Score from The Simpsons by Alf Clausen
Punching Sound Effects from user Syna-Max on Freesound.org
Flashback sound effect by Youtube user gamingsoundeffects


Stubagful’s TV Dissection: The Truth about Calories

Did you know that food is stuff that you put in your mouth and then chew during a process that is called eating?

Eating happens when you move your jaw up and down and then your mouth does a thing called swallowing. Eating is what keeps you alive, and if you don’t do it, then you will stop being alive. This is a state we call being dead.

All footage is owned by the BBC, and is used here for the purposes of critical analysis and review

The Truth About Calories footage (BBC)
Audio from Look Around You Series 1 (BBC)
Hackbeat by Kevin Mcleod