He Who Moans: Hooray for the status quo!! (The Chibnall is the Dr Who Showrunner news)

News happened recently! Yay! Let’s make a video about it or whatever!!!!
Fiesta by the Pogues
Torchwood clip
Broadchurch music
Pictures that were not drawn by me

Stubagful Reviews: BBC One’s Dickensian

So the beeb has somehow actually got me watching non-muppet related Dickens AND enjoying it…this is fucking weird

All footage is owned by the BBC, and is used here for the purposes of critical analysis and review

He Who Moans review of Doctor Who: The Husbands of River Song

“Mostly competent, but anything sat next to Hell Bent would look better by comparison” – Stu

Footage used is for the purposes of critical analysis and review, it is owned by the BBC and I am not profiting from this review in any way.