He Who Moans Review of Doctor Who: The Witch’s Familiar (2)

“Approaches maturity and ALMOST gets there” – Stu

Footage owned by the BBC, and is used for the purposes of criticism and review.
It’s a trap from Return of the Jedi (Disney/Lucasfilm)
Dramatic Chipmunk

Stubagful’s TV Dissection: Coronation Street

I am Stubagful, and I am going to be talking about a British soap opera that is broadcast through television sets to millions of people up and down the country called “Britain”. This soap opera’s name is “Coronation Street”, and it features characters interacting with each other inside something called a narrative, which is a fictional piece written on scripts and then performed. Those scripts are written by writers.

He Who Moans: Review of Doctor Who: The Magician’s Apprentice (1)

“Too much style, not enough substance” – Stu

Footage of Doctor Who is owned by the BBC and is used here for the purposes of critical analysis and review. This video is not made for profit.
Also not mine is Fiesta by the Pogues