He Who Moans: Some Disorganised Between-Season Ranting

So…approximately half a century ago I said I’d do an editorial at the end of series 8 to round off my thoughts on Doctor Who in its current state…I should stop saying things like that.

I’ve tried to be as polite as possible in this while sticking to my guns. If this video makes ya angry I hope you appreciate that I did try 🙂


One thought on “He Who Moans: Some Disorganised Between-Season Ranting

  1. I’ve been moaning about exactly this for the last… is it 5 years? Couldn’t agree more.
    Moffat spends more time on artificially building hype than he ever spends actually delivering the goods. I actually stopped watching the show since S8.Ep2 – I just couldn’t stand another minute of it. It’s killed my passion dead.

    I also think you’re too generous about his motivations to future-proof the show and that he ever had the potential to be a good showrunner.
    I’d be more inclined to be generous to him if he hadn’t systematically erased much of the canon that RTD set up, and made Dr Who his own vanity project. He’s not just taken on too much control of the show since the changeover, he’s taken control of past writers’ efforts and steered it away from what they intended for it. And I think that is just totally disrespectful to their work.
    I suspect he’s not futureproofing Dr Who so much as trying to future-proof his own career as its showrunner, because he’s the guy with the flow-chart and the only guy who actually understands what the hell is going on for the next However-Many seasons.
    He can’t be fired as long as he’s the only person who knows how the loose ends should tie together.

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