He Who Moans: Guide to 8th Doctor Audios Part 1: Storm Warning to Minuet in Hell

Well…I was talking about it for ages…here it goes


The Naked Ceo by Alex Malley: First Impressions – Stubagful’s Literary Review

A successful CEO named Alex Malley, thinks he knows how to teach young aspiring entrepreneurs how to succeed in business. …..Underlining the words THINKS he knows.

The Naked CEO by Alex Malley (Wiley)
Don’t stop believin by Journey
Search for the hero by M People
Firework by Katy Perry
Shining music


He Who Moans: An Introduction to a Heavily Biased Guide to Bigfinish 8th Doctor Audios

I know I’m usually a miserable little shit, so now’s time for a project of positivity (mostly) by a critical return to my nostalgic happyplace: the 8th Doctor Audio dramas.

Alternative title for a long time was going to be “Stuart excessively fellates Bigfinish to the most absurd of extremes”


He Who Moans: Some Disorganised Between-Season Ranting

So…approximately half a century ago I said I’d do an editorial at the end of series 8 to round off my thoughts on Doctor Who in its current state…I should stop saying things like that.

I’ve tried to be as polite as possible in this while sticking to my guns. If this video makes ya angry I hope you appreciate that I did try πŸ™‚


He Who Moans: An aimless rant about hype and hype mentality

And now as the hype up to season 9 gets going, a rant about the current state of existing on the internet as nerd culture stands.

Don’t bear ya any ill will if hype’s how you work, I just heavily dislike being told I should get excited by a piece of media for no reason other than just because. In my experience: hype never offers anything substantial.


Pointless Witterings: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a very deep fantasy series. For anyone wondering, the precise dimensions are 19cm x 14cm x 4cm. I used a tape measure and everything.