Short stories from Stubagful: Emptying my writing junk drawer

Apologies! I feel I need a break from videos for longer than I initially anticipated in my last boring update video. I really shouldn’t make announcements like that. Yeah I don’t feel I’m really ready to come back out of winter hibernation yet (at a wild guess I’m gonna say March at the earliest). (guess)

At the same time I still want a creative outlet for a hobby and I want my online presence to be showing something resembling life signs on a regular basis (as yes I know I’m very uninteractive on social media) so whenever I feel like it I’ll be shoving out some short stories on a fictionpress account for a bit:

Stories seen here will either be ones I’ve written recently, from my writing junk drawer or bits and pieces from assignments given during my university days. Most of it’ll be sci-fi comedy because I’m a silly person who likes sci-fi, but there will be some straight faced horror stuff thrown in there too as it was a primary preoccupation of mine as a teenager and I’ve got a large backlog of horror ideas (though neither of these two are, ones sci-fi, the other’s a fable)

The first one I’ve shoved up is called “Be Brave, Printer Old Friend”. Its about sentient printers and is very bleak.

Be Brave, Printer Old Friend by Stuart Hardy

The second one is the first writing assignment I ever did at university. It was a bog standard exercise to write a traditional fairytale from a different character in the story’s perspective. Annoyingly it ended up being the best thing I wrote at university (really, there’s a lot of shit in my junk drawer). It’s about the rats in the Pied Piper of Hamlin and the perils of obeying a magic flute.

The Vermin by Stuart Hardy