An Illustrated Review of Fifty Shades Darker Chapter 14

Revelations! Three of em! Count em! Three surprising things we didn’t see coming during this chapter! (I know, never expected one, let alone three)

We’ve got: an amateur’s approach to Freud so unbelievably mishandled it makes you want to smash your head against the fucking wall, the oldest romance thing in the book done in the most inappropriate context you can think of (that Ana’s too dumb to feel insulted by) and finally another reason for Ana to have another eight million word neurosis monologue about her fears that Christian’s going to cheat on her for no fucking reason!

…well at least its actual stuff happening I suppose.

plot and characters (??CITATION NEEDED??) from Fifty Shades Darker by E.L James (Random House)


Spawn the animated series theme by Shirley Williams
The Shining music (Warner)
Terry & June theme tune (BBC)

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