ZoneOneRadio: Zone One Digest: The Art of Numbers

This week! Zone one digest is proud to present a host of more talented people featured on other, better shows that you should probably listen to instead!

#LondonArts @jenny_runacre visits @LondonISF and talks about a polar bear Sculpture with Stanley Johnson, father of @MayorofLondon Bojo. Also Commander Fenice threatens people with a chainsaw.

@LondonLifeRadio @sillymrhawkins talks to adventurous Mr Robin Handbury-Tenison about his trips around the world.

@_InGoodTaste are featured at number 49 in @Mixcloud top 50 of 2012, with their @MovemberUK Cookbook from the end of last year

And finally #LondonGP doesn’t feature at number 49 in Mixcloud’s top 50 of 2012, instead it features at NUMBER 26!! With @radio_matthew at BBC press launch for their 2012 F1 coverage last year, where he chatted to @mrjakehumphrey …yes that one.

All complaints can be directed to anyone except me. and

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